Altiplano life in La Paz, Bolivia (Journal)

Altiplano 15,000ft elevation – Andean Plateau or Bolivian Plateau in west-central South America, where the Andes are at their widest, is the most extensive area of high plateau on Earth. The Altiplano plateau hosts several cities like El Alto, La Paz, Puno, Oruro, Potosi, and Cusco. Bolivian people

who live in the highland area of La Paz share a native language that is called Aymara. The Bolivian people of La Paz and the Bolivian people of El Alto were separated years ago. The people who live in El Alto wear the native Aymara clothing, and look more native to the country. A lot of Aymara woman who are identified by the way their dressed with their big round skirts come down to La Paz to work. A lot of come down from el alto to the houses in the lower part of La Paz.

In the apartment that I am currently living with my aunt, she has a young girl of 18 years old that comes to work on the weekends because she has school during the week. He name is Gaby and she comes from the Alto and she is a very sweet girl.  I come into the kitchen one morning as she is preparing breakfast and ask her what she wants to be. She tells me, I want to be a chef, we later talk about the fact that Peru has some really good chef schools. Weeks earlier she experienced her first travel outside of her own country. She went to Argentina, which is one of the countries in South America that is modernizing fast. I talked to her about her travels with her and told her how important it was that she traveled, she told me, after I went to Argentina, I noticed so much about the differences here in Bolivia. “We are really behind time in Bolivia,” she said. “Atrasda”. “Yes,” I told her, “and it bothers me that you guys can be given so much more but the government here is restricting you guys.” The political government cut ties with the US because the president said that the US are bad and that they rather not affiliate with them. That’s sad because barely anyone in the US know what Bolivia is. I realized that I was talking too much about the politics with her and said, “I’m sorry, I should stop, is it too much?” “No, I really enjoy learning about this, thanks for telling me.” And that’s when I realized that this was her only education on the political ties of her people and other countries. There is no formal education and I’m afraid she won’t be able to learn more, but I have no doubt that she will keep traveling and experience more things to broaden her viewpoints. She’s a smart girl and I know she will listen to her soul and follow her heart that will lead her to the right direction. <3

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