Arrival in the City of Cusco

Arrival in the City of Cusco

Probably one of my favorite cities in Peru. Everything was so rustic, lovely, and old. A lot of history came from both the Inka’s and the Spaniards. Over hundreds of years ago, the Spaniards came to Peru, specifically to Cusco the city of the Inka’s, after hearing tales

of the amount of gold that they had. They immediately came to the city of Cusco in order to claim all the gold for themselves. When the Spaniards came to Peru, they began to change everything in Cusco, everything from the Inka’s beliefs, architecture, religion, culture etc. That’s why there are a lot of Spanish churches and Spanish architecture seen in Cusco.

When I traveled to Cusco, I planned a package deal to travel there on a tour of about a week. I went with a friend of mine on this trip and we stayed at the Munay Wasi Inn. Shoutout to them, because they were the best! Very good hospitality and great service. Loved that Inn, I highly recommend it.

Below are some pictures at the start of our arrival.

On our way to CUSCO

We so00000 exciteddd ✈️



*Pictures above are captured from iPhone


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