On Horseback: Touring the outskirts of Arequipa

The Arequipa Tour

I got a chance to go on a day tour to by myself. I was a bit skeptical of going by myself to the outskirts of town on a tour bus. To my luck, it was filled with wonderful moments to see how groups of people from different parts of the country and continent interact when they least expect it.

First off horses. I am in love with horses, possibly my spirit animal. Getting a chance to ride them was the best!

*fact: when I was younger I dreamed off having a stable with horses so I could ride them all the time.


Met a group of travelers from Chile on the tour bus, and we became instant friends. They were so kind and generous. Taking pictures of me, and making me feel part of their group. It was awesome to see people from other Latin American countries come together to enjoy other Latin cultures.

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