Parque de las Leyendas: South American animal exploration

Parque de las Leyendas (Photos)

In Lima, Peru they have a well-known zoo that is quite fascinating because it carries animals from all three areas of Peru: La Sierra, La Costa, y La Selva (from the mountain ranges, the coast, and the rainforest). It was awesome because there were a lot of animals that you never see in the U.S. cause they are strictly South American. Finding out more of the geographical history of these animals in Peru was fascinating.🌴 🐒 🐯 🐵 🐆 🐅

This Condor wasn’t shy at all…

Typical huts seen in Amazon villages.

This monkey was too adorable. He is literally the size of a big hand.

Exquisite colors on this bird neck and head. His party trick is that it can twist its neck all the way around. 360 degrees to be exact.

Rainforest Zone (Zona Selva)

The huts built to withstand massive rainfall.


The Jaguar soaking in the sun, it was beautiful to see a jaguar’s colors and beauty.

One of my favorite photos taken, he did his best to not look my direction, but I finally got to capture this moment of the Black Leopard.

The different languages of the Amazonians in Peru.



South American Squirrel Monkey



Monk Saki eating fresh fruits and plants.



Below are clips of the animals that are shown in Parque de las Leyendas

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