Claiming Your Mind

I have learned that health is a very strong important component to one’s individual mental, emotional, and physical state. The building blocks of a happy individual is

to be in a nonstressed mental state, especially for someone who is traveling so that they can stay in the present moment.
Most of the time when I see people who are stressed is that they are thinking of the future or past conflictions that may have been unresolved. What sometimes happens as a result, is that they are consistently critical of their past mistakes, then making them stressed. Therefore, after thinking of the past, they transfer that to the future by thinking because I made that mistake in the past, ‘what is going to happen in the future??’
All of what’s going on in one’s head (the thoughts that contribute to your mood) need to be worked out and resolved or else it will take effect your next steps. There are so many things that can block the mind from what is possible, from the truth, from the passion that is within a human being, and that ‘thing’ can hold you back if you let it. It is important to stop it in its tracks. And it won’t work, unless you are aware of it and accept it. Then you can proceed to ask yourself the question of, is it really so worth it to be in this state? and why?  Or is it pulling you back from what is in front of you, or even another 2nd option to solve the problem.
But to see this alternate opportunity, you have to have both of your eyes wide open.👀 Meaning no distractions of a past worry. Leave it behind, so bye, let go, let flow, and go on to the next, because like the world, you are working in unison and in recycling it anyways.
 Try it and see what happens. Help yourself, cause you need to fuel your brain, it’ll thank you in return. 😉
xx Nathalie


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