MATE Mario Testino Photography Museum in Barranco, Peru

I got the opportunity when I went to Barranco a district in Peru, to visit the MATE Mario Testino Photography Museum. Everyone who visits Barranco must visit this place! It is filled with Mario Testino’s finest photography, and worth the time to see him most profound photography. Mario Testino is a world renowned photographer who was born in Peru. As a lover of taking photos of people, I was in awe of how he captures known people for their true selves and capturing their essence with poise and honesty. He even photographed for Princess Diana. He photographed her intimately, and very personally.

Below are some of my favorite shots of him from the MATE museum.
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Women’s March on San Francisco Gallery

~At the WOMEN’S MARCH in San Francisco Jan, 21. 2017~

Here is my photography that I took during the march. I was absolutely floored by the response from all the women, men, and children. The support and love was very apparent in coming together.

*Below are what caught my eye through this movement and I was so glad I went because it was an experience I will never forget in my lifetime.♡♡♡

It Begins.

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