What I learned along the way

Jan. 25, 2016 (Using the notes app from iPhone)

What I learned so far (**This way halfway in my trip in my Peru/ Bolivia journey):

What I learned on this trip,

was to be more independent, but on the other side of that was also to ask for help, and I’m not just talking about asking for help to find a location or where I can get something. It is the ability to let someone guide you and give you instruction when you yourself are not able to know the right way because you do not have the knowledge in this area because it is foreign.
Examples include types of foods to eat, sickness, places to go, altitude adjustments, etc. Wholeheartedly putting yourself, the decisions you make in other people’s hands. Any wrong move, to land you somewhere you don’t want to be. Asking for help is something in that way is something I had a hard time with because it was outside my comfort zone.
I have learned year after year to be more independent, and acquire more patience towards people, `but this year (2016) especially with this trip I am beginning to learn to have more patience with myself. I always had this underlined notion, thinking that I acquire more patience because I am weak. And that is absolutely not true. I don’t even allow myself to give myself patience, it only comes out when I’m sick. I should give myself patience all the time. I should be able to pause at some moments and ask myself, you good? How you feeling? and look into my instincts, because distractions can blind the instincts easily, I’ve learned. When I’m traveling, or even when I’m working day after day nonstop.

⬇️From my iPhone notes. They serve as a journal, diary, and sometimes poetry. In the moment I feel the need to write down my realizations.

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